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I first met Sophia about 10 years ago when I did some work for her uncle, fast forward to this day and she now handles the books for two of my companies. I literally do not know what I would do without her. She takes the hassle out of everything!

Leaves me to focus on the actual running of the companies. She knows the construction industry like the back or her hand, she works tirelessly to make sure my books are all healthy and up to date. I’m not the most organised either! Thanks Sophia, without you my business wouldn’t be where it is today

James SherlockConstruction
SA Accounting helped me get my business up and running. They set up the bookkeeping software and trained my staff on how to use it. They can access my software remotely to ensure entries have been made correctly.

I Needed monthly management accounts for my bank so SA Accounting email me them each month ready to send to the bank. I can see detailed reports & graphs which highlight the strengths and weaknesses of my business.

Alex TorresDirector
Sophia has been preparing my accounts for several years. She collects all the paperwork and sends me a report to show the profit each month. She also recommends cost savings for my business.
Natasha SinghSole trader

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